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Health & Safety activities really are cost effective business activities.

It is estimated that accidents and work related ill health costs employers between £4 billion and £9 billion a year.

Do you know the real cost of accidents, near misses and ill health to your business?

Health & Safety has always been important to successful businesses, a healthy, safe working environment ensures, minimal lost time and a workplace where people can feel that their health & Safety really matters. Good Health & Safety is based on common sense and forms part of normal business activities. However, there are legal requirements and codes of practice, which must be complied with and are designed to help businesses maintain high standards of Health & Safety.

Assured Safety Consultancy offer a practical service to help all types of companies enjoy the often hidden benefits of well controlled Health & Safety, through policies, awareness and employee participation.
Our aim is to provide a very competitive service achieving:-
Practical, legal requirement compliance
Accident and ill-health reduction.
Lost time reduction.Increased health awareness.
Reduction in ££££ health & safety losses.
Most companies find that once they have embarked on a health & safety review programme that addition benefits from quality, employee satisfaction, increased production and of course ultimately increase in company profits, are experienced as well.